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Troubles Only For a Time

Troubles Only For a Time


Last Wednesday, I was upset because I got an email notification from Hulu.com that several vitally important shows were about to expire from my queue - without me having time to watch them ! Six episodes of HOARDERS would be gone forever if I didn't make a major change in my Castleville-addicted lifestyle ! (a Facebook game)

And then the fiasco with the broken recliner (which is also my bed), and the horror of me being trapped forever in the extra room (because I got the chair stuck in the doorway sideways), while in my ugly granny panties (not the leopard print C string that Donna Ford keeps recommending for just such emergencies). Wondering if I would die from lack of water, before I starved off enough blubber to heave myself over the chair stuck in the doorway and out to freedom.

Then when my son, James, finally returned my lovely new van back from the second time he's borrowed it for fun vacations (some strange word I think he's just made up), he tells me, "Mom, something's wrong with your car..."

Well all that luckily Distracted me from the Abject Horror of living a Hoarder-free life for awhile.
(BTW, both of those things, while phrased with humor, are major troubles in my life of poverty, and should take half a year or more to recover from.)

But God is good to me !
Evil and adversity do not prosper for long in my life. My universe is restored again.

Yes, the chair is still busted, and I haven't even gotten the car back yet and am stranded here...... but (silver lining) a new email assures me that there are EIGHT fresh HOARDER episodes just waiting in my queue for when I get tired of Gordon Ramsey's very restrictive vocabulary of cuss words and finish up with Hell's Kitchen - seasons 1,2,3,4,5,....
(Note to readers: It is to be understood that this is Not a disrespecting of the role of The Almighty in my life, but a flagrant use of sarcastic humor against myself, stemming from a real relationship with Him, and posted so that the reader will know that I DO know what true values are, and that, yes, I am pathetic. So don't flame me. I post my pathetic-ness for your amusement.)


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Donna Too
Jul. 9th, 2012 05:23 am (UTC)
I know
I know how horrible those things can be and people who don't DEPEND on a particular item have no clue. I am so HOT...hot, hot, hot...all the time and if I don't have a fan I really have difficulty breathing, "glisten" like crazy and actually soak my gown and sheets several times daily. I keep the air on 72 and still nearly burn up. My poor skinny husband walks around with a quilt wrapped around him. A fan is a requirement, not a luxury. I knew you were being serious...I just like your writing style.

I have way more blessings than problems but the problems are large. We each have our burdens to bear and I know you were not being disrespectful in any way, shape or form.

Jul. 10th, 2012 12:49 pm (UTC)
I do believe you're hooked on that show, lady.
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