qwinkly's Journal

1. I'm a Christian - not doing well at that lately. 2. Was a music major back when instruments were made of stone - not enough talent for that, really. 3. Was married right out of college and for 16 years. Been divorced now for 13 years. 4. I'm a deplorable cook - I can even burn WATER. 5. I have 2 sons - and I hope that's where my life's successes will be. (That, and apparently I should fix #1.)

I don't know why anyone would want to read this blog, or know what's going around in my head. Even I don't like being in my head. It's scary in there - too many people talking at once - and they're all yelling at me.

Update: Now that I've been blogging awhile, we've both noticed that an entry can morph from one subject to another. Or little wisdoms or jokes can be in the middle somewhere. So don't think from the title, that it really tells you what's in there, or that that entry will stay on that subject. Try to think of this as a fun exploration, a meandering (and not that I'm insane).